Using your camera or pictures in your photo library, Loupe lets you find the exact colors in your photos and save them as color swatches that can be referenced later. Loupe was designed to be as simple and elegant as possible. You can't automatically generate color palletes in Loupe (check out Adobe Kuler for that), but you can get some amazingly accurate color swatches out of your iPhone's camera thanks to some pretty advanced color averaging algorithms built specially for Loupe.

How to use Loupe

Using Loupe is so easy it almost doesn't need any instructions. Just in case you are really curious, here's how to use Loupe.

  1. Choose a photo from your library or use the camera to take a picture.
  2. Use the loupe ring to select the color you want to use. You can drag the loupe around your photo to the area you want, and resize the area that will be sampled by pinching and expanding the outer ring. A smaller loupe will give you a more precise swatch, but a larger sample may give better representation of the color.
  3. You can add a note to help remember details about your swatch.
  4. All of your swatches are available on the Loupe home screen. You can edit your notes and delete swatches from there as well.