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How accurate is Loupe?

Absolute color accuracy is the siren song of any designer. It's no secret that the iPhone camera isn't exactly the most advanced tool out there, so Loupe's color averaging algorithms have been ruthlessly optimized to get the best results from the camera. And in the iPhone 3GS, the accuracy is even better with the improved camera's white balancing. While you probably shouldn't send your million dollar print project off to the presses without proofing any colors you get from Loupe, it's certainly more than accurate enough for most applications. I did a very unscientific comparison with a Pantone Color Cue 2, and while it seemed about 90% as accurate as the Color Cue (and you can easily get it higher by adjusting with the sample size and positioning), it was also only 0.5% of the price. That's a pretty decent trade off in my opinion.

Why doesn't Loupe have support for different color formats, such as RGB, CMYK, or HSB values?

Loupe 1.1 will have this!

How about Pantone colors?

Probably not. Pantone's color matching system is a proprietary format, and their licensing structure doesn't really make it feasible to legally include this information in Loupe while keeping the price low. Most desktop design software such as Adobe Photoshop can convert the color values you save in Loupe to a matching Pantone color.

Are you going to add the ability to create entire palettes in Loupe?

It's possible, but unlikely in the near future. My approach to Loupe is to optimize it as a color picking tool for the iPhone, not a one-stop destination for all of your color needs. Think about it like the difference between Notes on your iPhone and Microsoft Office. If you really need to be building entire palettes on your iPhone, there are already a number of apps that can do that for you fairly well. I've tried them all, and Color Expert (iTunes store link) is probably the best of these. But it's $9.99 and not as easy to use as Loupe.

How can I share the great colors I add to Loupe?

In version 1.1 you will be able to e-mail swatches you have saved, and I'm looking at a couple of different ways to sync your swatches online. If you have a particular way you want to use your swatches, let me know.

Are you going to release a version for Android/Pre/Blackberry/Windows Mobile phones?

Not unless I switch to those platforms myself. If you want to build a version for any other mobile devices, get in touch with me and I'd be happy to talk with you.

What if I have a question not covered here?

Fill out the contact form below and I'll get back to you pronto.

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